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D O W N L O A D   S E C T I O N

Dl. No.DateParticularsDownload FileUploaded ByAction
3530-Oct-2023EIZOCON 23 FINAL SCIENTIFIC PROGRAM -HajaribagEIZOCON 23-Final Scientific Program & Overview.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
3401-Sep-202336th Annual Conference of Eastern India Zonal Ophthalmological Congress-EIZOCON 23 EIZOCON 23 Brochure WEB.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
3225-Aug-2022EIZOC MIDCON 22, PORTBLAIR 27th & 28th August 2022Minutes of the 1st Executive Committee Meeting 21-22.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
3125-Aug-2022EIZOC MIDCON 22, PORTBLAIR 27th & 28th August 2022AGENDA FOR SECOND EXECUTIVE MEETING OF EIZOC 21-22.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
3025-Aug-2022EIZOC MIDCON 22, PORTBLAIR 27th & 28th August 2022Accepted free papers - EIZOC MIDCON.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
2925-Aug-2022EIZOC MIDCON 22, PORTBLAIR 27th & 28th August 2022Scientific Programme - EIZOC MIDCON 2022.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
2819-Mar-2022ANNUAL CONFERENCE 2021, PURI- Final Scientific Program , 26th & 27th March 2022EIZOC 21 Final scientific Program.pdfDr Swaraj BhattacharjeeDownload
2615-Feb-2022VOICE OF EAST 2022-1VOICE OF EAST 2022-1 EIZOC Webinar.pdfDr Swaraj BhhacharjeeDownload
2318-Oct-2021EIZOC ELECTION CRITERIA 2021EIZOC ELECTION CRITERIA 2021.docxDr Pranav RanjanDownload
2208-Oct-2021EIZOC ELECTION FORM 2021EIZOC Election 2021.pdfDr Pranav RanjanDownload
2108-Oct-2021EIZOC - ELECTION & AWARD Criteria InformationEIZOC-AWARD & ELECTION information.docxDr Pranav RanjanDownload
2008-Oct-2021EIZOC Constitution (Pending re-registration))EIZOC Constitution for reregistration 2021.docxDr Pranav RanjanDownload
1803-Nov-2020THE EXTRA MILE -- VOICE OF EASTEIZOC 4th Nov.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload
1718-Sep-2020EIZOC Live Webinar- 18th Sep 2020, 8:00 PM EIZOC Live Webinar.docDr J G AgrawalDownload
1516-Oct-2019Smart-Eye E-Journal - Message from Dr Sujoy Samanta.Messege from Dr Sojoy.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload
1416-Oct-2019Smart-Eye - First E-Journal of Eastern India Zonal Ophthalmological Congress (October 2019)Smart Eye News Letter.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload
1313-Oct-2019ADOPTED Minutes of second Executive meeting of EIZOC held at Agartala on 20th April 2019.*ADOPTED Minutes of second Executive meeting of EIZOC.pdfDr Pranav RanjanDownload
1125-May-2019Third Executive Meeting 2018, Kolkata.Third Executive Meeting 2018, Kolkata.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload
1004-May-2019Dr. B.N.Gupta, Formar Secretary ReportDr. B.N.Gupta - Ex-Secretary Report.docDr J G AgrawalDownload
625-Apr-2019Adopted minutes of 1st Executive meeting 2019Adopted 1st Executive Meeting.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload
525-Apr-2019Faculty List of EIZOC Midcon 2019FacultyScheduleMIDCON2019.pdfDr J G AgrawalDownload